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Maybe no planes. I am paying attention, but I'm having a great deal of trouble discounting all the people who said they saw and heard the planes. I know the impact zones look ridiculous. I know airplanes are much weaker stuff than steel buildings, but I also know that water is much weaker than human bodies until one hits the other at great speed.

But the pilots are insisting those planes couldn't have hit those towers at that speed.

Then, too, we don't know that the field effects on the day hadn't turned that steel in some wise BUTTERY and a plane might then have made those Wile E. Coyotesque imprints... and... an engine make it out the other side.

It seems there's still a lot of contention about what happened. The thermite stuff seems to have lost currency, enough people having realized that it can't propel steel beams out hundreds of feet. This is a relief. But, now there's a mini-nukes theory fighting for the limelight, and rumors of all manner of radioactive shit found in the dust... none of us seems to have heard about for at least ten years, but, okay, fine, we can consider it.

Anyway, I keep hearing people insisting that getting the truth across to the American people will put those fucks out of business once and for all. The American people will never hear of the truth. They will secretly know it, but they will never admit it, because we have slaughtered millions of people on the strength of this lie.


Well, this dude sure didn't convince me. He uses just as many rhetorical elisions as the others to try to make it sound good. There are a bunch of ways to see that nose-out-the-other-side-of-the-building business as just plain unfortunately-shaped smoke. Something did shoot out from there, which most of us have taken to be an engine... and, indeed, an engine was found on the street there. It seems it was the wrong kind for the plane we're supposed to believe flew into the building, but most of have realized it wasn't that plane by now anyway.

The part that bugs me the most is that he goes on and on about the guys who took the video of the second plane hitting the second tower. He takes them to task. In public, and also shows them discussing the video anomalies. He doesn't seem to wonder why these guys are still alive to be hassling with him about it. He seems to be saying these fellows were in on it.

Why isn't he wondering why they're still just video geeks and alive?