for my rainy october full moon

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I probably have linked many of these before here, but I made myself a modest playlist for this personal holiday. I'm trying to think if I have another and I don't think so, but I have always had a thing for the full moon of October.

When I was young I used to spend every October full moon night going for a stroll with my best friend from high school, Jim. We even went when it rained. We always went to a certain neighborhood in Mill Valley because of it's surpassingly pleasant aspect. A creek running alongside it. Gorgeous homes. Lots of trees. It was a narrow paved road that wound through all this pleasantness and easy to stroll upon of an autumn evening. We always did. We made plans for our lives.

We made plans that we'd just say to each other and forget, only to find in the next year that our plans had worked out. I think now that I should have planned grander, but, well, easy enough to say now....

Anyway, Jim went crazy. He became the most outrageously awful drunk in California and I would no longer speak to him. He finally stopped drinking and we started speaking again. Then his second childhood grabbed him by his lower brains and he splatted his long-suffering wife all over the pavement in the midst of his new gym membership and thoroughly ludicrous Ricky Martin dance imitation, running off with a young/stupid thing. There might've been a conceivable way to maintain on speaking terms after that, though I can't really think of how, but he had the temerity to invoke enlightenment and the inevitability of change as he blithely went about ripping his wife's intestines out once he'd splatted her like that.

Still, October full moons always demand some observance here. I think I will risk the displeasure of the young trivium acolytes who are convinced Alan Watts was an agent of eugenicists. I think I will have myself a little nostalgic Alan Watts Festival here. And if this isn't enough, I'll add even more.