if you wonder why there's a death toll after all this warning

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Some people's normalcy bias is just completely outta control.

Anyway, lots of catastrophe images HERE and HERE.

I don't think it's even been a hurricane in a couple days, has it? They keep talking about winds clear up to 39mph and that's nothing whatever like a hurricane. The storm surge seems to be the worst of it....

Or maybe I'm not paying enough attention?

You may recall we had a tsunami here on 11 March 2011—a whopping one footer— and it knocked a bunch of boats around in Crescent City and Brookings harbors and killed a guy down in Klamath. He'd gone out for pictures of the surf at the mouth of the river. I remember hearing stories of people who ran to the beach whenever a tsunami was coming. The teacher would say things like, "The only fatalities were the gawkers." I couldn't fathom it. What would possess someone to run toward a tsunami? Even a baby one.

Having lived by the ocean my entire life, I know how thrilling big surf is. Manchester Beach when there's a storm out to sea is so excellent, the pounding so loud, everything so huge, you feel yourself shrink to the size of Tinker Bell... literally... and you want to fly out over that surf or particalize into pixie dust on the spot.

It rocks!

But you're not Tinker Bell. You can't fly. Or most of you can't, anyway. And you can't swim in that action either. No way. You do not ever venture out too close to it because monster waves can and do come out of nowhere and take you. Even on a day of ordinary surf, if you're out on the rocks next to it, a monster can come and snatch your ass off the planet in a heartbeat. There's all kinds of pictures of idiots out daring the storm surge of Sandy.

Mystery solved.