oh, nooooo ...

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What would they make of me? Usually, I end up at: on my stomach, head turned to the left, right arm straight up and under the pillow, right leg straight down, left leg arched up with knee almost to my chin, and left arm either straight up over the pillow or curled up under my chin trying to strangle me. The drill is: I start on my back, trying to get everything straight and deeply relaxed, listening to some soapy blather if possible, dozing maybe, but flipping to the stomach position for some minutes, flipping the stomach position to everything opposite, facing to the right, flipping back to the left, either falling dead asleep at this point or waking back up all the way.

Once I'm asleep all sorts of astounding things are likely to happen. Rarely I drop like a stone and don't move. Mostly, nobody wants to be in there with me because they can't sleep with a slithering and writhing and flipping water ballet rehearsal. I liked this when I was a girl. It made me stand out at slumber parties. Poor planning.

I don't like sharing desert either.