thank goodness for those russian ships

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I sit here thinking it HURTS even more now than it did then.

You get older; you get better at feeling for other people... if you haven't gotten too good at ignoring them....

I really wonder if I can ever express my gratitude for people like Putin and Ahmadinejad enough. These men still manage to stand up for what is right and decent, against an adversary so heinous it has all America cowering in abjection at its feet. Despite our military might, despite the murder and mayhem unleashed on those who defy the psychopaths, they move forward. They do what is best for humans, the best they can for humans.

The sum total of their enemy status? They defy the psychopaths. They use their resources for their people. They help others who are being crushed by the psychopaths. Even those who will let themselves be persuaded by the force of my arguments that this is all so, mostly default to the assumption that they are doing all this Good Guy stuff so they can end up ruling the world.

They have put forth to the world that there is no reason for all this slaughter and mayhem, that everyone can get along, we can all benefit from trading with each other and raise the prospects for everybody instead of this... but that falls on deaf ears. No! We must keep up the destruction! We must die to protect the shadowy elite.

Enslavement is stability. Endarkenment is safety. Enfeeblement is civilization.