the mind immediately pictures dick cheney

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This has been going around for a couple of three weeks or so, and I keep wanting to mention it, but keep not, even though I recognized right away that no one would miss the connection with Vice President Fudd. My immediate response was to holler that this should not be advertised. Don't encourage them.

But, wait. Why didn't I say, "Don't give them ideas"?

I didn't say it because it's not news to them. I didn't need to be told.

As you know, I don't like bringing up the whole pedophile thing. To whatever extent it is actually going on, making a hairy deal out of it in public, splashed across the media, only makes it worse for the victims. It also gives alarmingly young things very big ideas... and not strictly limited to falsely accusing adults they don't like... if you get my drift....

And... breathe... because I don't think it's going on... not in the sense so popular to revile so colorfully all across the intertubes. If the entire priestly and political and entertainment classes are having sex with children, as it is said everywhere you look, then this is not Kansas anymore. No... then this never was Kansas. I, or you, are in a coma somewhere having bad nightmares.

I keep seeing stuff about whole school busses full of children being disappeared right and left, and this has been going on for, they say, a very long time, hundreds, maybe thousands of years. I can't credit it because I feel certain I'd've heard something remotely suggestive of such a thing, heard a whisper about the number of parents whose children have been stolen. Nothing.

They say Satanic rituals. Or pedophilia. Or an underground slave ring. Or all of these things. They only really started this up over the last decade. Here on the tubes. Not a whiff before that. Not here.

But this. This really would explain it to me.