you understand, don't you?

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That there's no sense freaking out about Fukushima or Chernobyl if you're okay with cell phone towers, right?


They moved the live camera for Daiichi so that we cannot see the green landscape around it anymore, but I found THIS image from a few days ago on a Chinese news site. I know that it all should have been killed or foliage ruined immediately. I don't know how long it is before things around the accident turn green again.

We saw how much better CHERNOBYL is looking. We see things grow still near MAYAK, and there is reason to believe both these accidents were worse than Fukushima, despite speculation to the contrary.

We have heard reports of neutron beams intermittently coming out of Daiichi, but not the steady beam into the clouds like at Chernobyl, and not lately.

I still check the RADIATION NETWORK site almost every day, and the counts are always within pre-Fukushima normal background, with sometimes a few exceptions, unerringly around big cities and almost unerringly in the northeastern part of the United States.

So, yes, I'm still telling you that I think it is unwise to fall victim to the ongoing attempts to fill us with hysteria about Fukushima. Obviously, each of us should be doing whatever we can to work against radiation damage in any case, but, truly, unless we suddenly start seeing neutron beams blaring from Daiichi, this has just been one more nail in our coffin, not the end of life on earth.


I have spent some hours in documentaries about Chernobyl and about Fukushima. I can't tell for sure because of the difference in measuring units and devices, but it seems that the evacuation zone in Fukushima right now is less radioactive than that of Chernobyl, twenty-six years later.

I'm having to try to keep it straight between roentgens and counts per minute and the various gradations of sievert, and the intensity of the radiation varies from one point to another pretty wildly inside the exclusion zones. I found THIS to help, and so far it seems that Chernobyl is more radioactive over all than Fukushima, but much less of its radiation has got loose on the world.

I'm basing this on about five documentaries about Chernobyl and about five about the Fukushima evacuation zone... including ONE from two months ago where they're talking about the day the school kids can come back. Whereas, they are saying that day won't be for about a million years in Chernobyl.

This might be about the legendary propensity for public blankness from the Japanese and no such restriction on Ukrainians... or it might be that Fukushima really is not as bad....

I don't know, but I have my suspicions.