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I should be a stone cold filthy rich retired philanthropist by now! If I had only applied myself to the task of coddling wealthy nitwits I could be in 'em right now... soaking in my tub in my converted barn... with just about the whole world fixed!

People stealing my design ideas left and right, and then screwing them up, and making pots on it in the bargain, just fry my cookies. I want to go smack this woman around a little... do things like ask her where people are supposed to hang their clothes... and abuse her for putting too many czaczkas all over gorgeous spaces.

I don't even have any booze for a proper meltdown... and I could use a visit from one of THESE.


Apropos of nothing much, I guess, it has given me some moments of profound happiness to hear THESE GUYS talking about the shortcomings of the Big Bang theory and mainstream astrophysics in general. I mean, a bunch of people with doctoral degrees making arguments I've been making for many years, even as I have known I wasn't wrong, is refreshing as heck.