i had a piece of steak the other day

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It wasn't the fancy kind. It wasn't the least fancy kind either, but it was small and on sale and so I bought it. It was gone so fast I was left sitting here a four-alarm fire for just one more bite. It, of course, put me in mind of the bliss of ignorance... a place plenty of us have been—and, I'm certain, increasingly will be—all too anxious to regain.

Unfortunately for both the pusillanimous and the lazy, knowledge always implies the duty for adults to do something about it. And, yes, this is part of the dumbing down axis, part of why it is so advantageous to enforce lifelong childhood on Americans. But there are dumbed people who don't want to be children. Tea Party. And smart people who do. Occupy Wall Street. Add all this to the innate human desire for all that is awful to just get the fuck out of our faces so we can have our naps, and you've got The United States of America, baby, you seriously do.

Our naps take on different forms, of course, individualists we. For many it is a literal nap we're craving. For plenty it is just a nice long veg-out in front of the TV. For an increasing number it is fantasy spirituality, or fantasy doom. For a very large block it is merely the seamless continuity of our lives and families and jobs, noting where applicable the company line on WHATEVER, believing it steadfastly so as to maintain Citizen in Good Standing status.

First thing off the bat today was my weekly reading of Benjamin Fulford. I don't link his stuff that often anymore because it usually sounds too harebrained for some of you to catch the part that made him a good candidate for a brain opener around here. A couple of the people who are good enough to frequent this place couldn't shut up with their conditioned mentalities, wouldn't acknowledge the points I was trying to make, and it became clear to me all they were going to do was label me an idiot who was falling for fairytales to avoid cold hard reality. It was definitely not going to work the way I'd wanted it to work. So I mostly gave it up.

He mentioned today about our election being rigged, and it reminded me to mention, again, for the umpteenth time, that our elections are rigged. No, not to the point where every item on every ballot is pre-decided and you can just stay home, but on any race or measure where there is a lot at stake for oligarchs, you are not going to get the real election result. You are going to get what they have PAID to make you get.

I saw this morning that a number of states have legalized pot. This would be about the dire need to tax it, and not enough cash from the pharma or booze lobbies to nip that in the bud, so to speak. Here's a little chart that I don't know whether it's UPWORTHY or not, but gets the point across. I don't know if this will hold. I am glad to see some states trying to strike out on their own, but I am mindful that the bad guys use dope to fund stuff off the books so I guess the number of troops sent to stop it all depends on how big a bite this takes off their profits.

I don't know how the provisions of these legalizations shake out, but I hope to heck it allows enough people to cure themselves of dread diseases that some of their relatives will be moved off their couches to face those troops.

I'm digressing. My point was to remind you that I spent a few years heavily involved in a website devoted to election integrity. I'm not stupid on this issue. They can and do rig whatever race or measure they want badly enough. There is no such thing as election integrity in our country right now. While it is, theoretically, possible to inject integrity back into our elections, no one cares enough to make it so, and even if we did, it would not stop the corruption. Rigging the elections merely saves them a lot of work, a lot of suiciding and surveillance of families, etc. That is why I stopped ruining my life on that website. No amount of effort was going to produce the desired result.

Also this morning, as a consequence of hunting down Ben's full report, my eyes 'lighted on a snippet that read:
I believe that modern humanity is unconsciously bringing about a self-willed cataclysm to force its own transformation.
This was from Daniel Pinchbeck, a psychedelics advocate I find mostly too tedious to bear and suspect of being spectacularly wrong about a lot of things. But this one line I think is a good thing to bring up. This I think is where our sundry forms of not-coping mechanisms, our utterly pathetic variety of mental escape hatches, is possibly literally heralding the end of life on earth.

Nobody is okay with it. Everyone, dumbed or childish or dreamy or napping, whatever, agrees that things are worse than they've ever been. Maybe we disagree on specifics, but I haven't met anyone who thinks things are business as usual in a long time.

Old Uncle Dave and I had a salutation for years, "BOTA"—Bring On The Asteroid—until I realized that such an incantation, far from just shorthand for our exasperation with the world, was actually helping us stop fighting... actually helping to bring on the asteroid... that this is why "they" are so avid to drive us all into fetal positions. It helps them accomplish every filthy future they have on their wish lists. There is a great deal of mental energy being burned on connecting our, oft-unconscious, urges for annihilation with the eventuality of it. People are working to show how what enough of us hold in our consciousness creates actuality.

I am not sure this is exactly the case, but it is workable enough that most of us might be able to see that the space lizards can definitely use it to create the perpetuation and increase of their control. Surely that can be plain enough to most sentient beings. No?

They've always been doing this. They set it up so they could always be doing this. The very ground of our existence is the set up for space lizards to remain in control for the rest of time. So, people ask, why are they ramping it up so hard and fast right now?

Because they can. Because planet-extinctifying cataclysms and the change in the precession of the equinoxes already have the population in states of anticipation of huge changes... aka fear. I don't know if they overtly did the Gulf Blowout and Fukushima, or however many of the other horrifying catastrophes of recent years. There seems to be the trend of simply worsening what's trending to insure the dumbed, deluded, exhausted, cognitive-dissonanced-to-bits, spiritually-neutered masses are as terrified and demoralized as can be... ready for anything approximating rest.

Habituating them to being strip-searched at airports and malls, and watching SWAT teams evicting their neighbors, while making sure the terror and demoralization are also kept optimized on the news wires and at the movies, will bring about the general submission to much greater control with much less recompense to the controlled, and, I ask you, why wouldn't this be seen as a worthy enterprise by psychopaths? It's perfect! It's heaven. Nirvana.

I just want you to know that no matter how much I love steak, I'm never going to be a Cypher at table with Agent Smith, but I also want you to remember that many in your orbit will be found right there, wistfully waxing hypnotic about sacred steak and managing to keep businesslike enough to demand the forgetting with it. That is yet another huge benefit to psychopaths. The EGO's pathological survival instinct provides the psychopath with legions of rats, snitches, finks, defectors from the opposition. People you may have loved for most of your life. I have warned you about this before, but I feel the need to remind you again now because our Spokesmodel in Chief no longer has to WORRY about being re-elected; pundits all over the globe are predicting a planet-eating economic crash; people are so sick of the terror of WWIII they are almost ready to welcome it; 21 December 2012 is at last almost here.

How much riper can we get?