more bullshit

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They just keep feeding us bullshit. Believe it or not I have a vague feeling of pity for Petraeus. By some accounts, he had been a force against war with Iran, and covertly working to get our country back. I have no clue. I just want to point out that they are never not lying to us about things anymore, and this stuff is not okay with a bunch of people in government... just like it's not okay with us.

I'm trying not to think of 9/11b to whatever extent possible, because it's just more transcendentally awful stuff, but I do want to point out that we can't even tell anymore what is happening. I think a few in government still can and that some of them are doing whatever they can to subvert it. Petraeus' head may be rolling for foiling another Bronco Bomber Brand murderous geopolitical theatrics plot. Whatever they were going for there failed badly.

That could be a really good thing. And Patraeus might have been the reason. It worries me that he's not going to be testifying. That seems to indicate that the truth might have gotten out if he did.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate these people? I so seriously resent the unrelenting mindfucks. Just like we all have forever to enjoy living. Just like we're all lab rats or coal mine canaries or stuff to be scraped off by the street cleaners. Just like we're a lesser species out here. Insignificant. Only good for grunt work until they work out the wrinkles in their robotics.

It must have been my biased youth, but somehow I resent this crap even more when it's liberal-fascist-psychopaths doing it. All the "statecraft" and foreign policy of the last few decades has been so ludicrous it wouldn't work in the Dumb and Dumber franchise. Bond villains look balanced when held up to this model. There is the most fantastic agglomeration of total boobs running Western Civilization that there isn't any fiction from which their work wouldn't be edited. The suavity with which this utterly risible script is lately being carried out then makes it all even creepier.