pouring salt on the learning curve

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Does that kitchen interest you?

If so, you are either crazy or immortal... or encased in lead.


Sorry you were subjected to all the bullcrap from Phil earlier, but I wasn't around to delete it sooner.

I used to try to deal with it, to try to be friendly with him despite his psychedelic blather and vaguely or pointedly antagonistic phrases, because I could tell he wants a decent world for living things.

He used to come on the tubes and blurt out to everyone, in minute detail, but totally INCOHERENTLY just the same, just about anything and everything that ran through his head. One could be forgiven for concluding that he was DRUNK, because he is frequently drunk. Despite this, he did not like to be treated like a drunk who periodically came in to threaten suicide around people who cared whether he lived or died, and so he announced to the world that it was unbearable physical pain doing it. His spine. An old injury from when he was in the service that wouldn't stop hurting and he couldn't afford to go to the doctor.

I emailed him and told him I thought he could get help from the VA if he was persistent enough, patient enough. He wrote back to say that was not going to turn out well. I wrote back to tell him that I'd helped two guys they'd turned down get medical care from them, that they try to turn people down, but usually help them if they persist, jump through the bureaucratic hoops.

Sometime later, he decided he couldn't be invisible on the internet anymore and did not want to engage anymore. I said I understood, and would miss him.

Sometime later, he came back.

Sometime later, he provided a link to some VA perfidy or other and announced to the world it was a good thing he did not take my advice about going to the VA. I responded that I'd brought it up with him to begin with strictly to point out that he did have an option. He might not like the option, but it was there, and doable, if his pain was so bad it made him entertain notions of suicide.

I did not say one thing about anything he had not already put on the public record. Not even part of one thing that was confidential information.

He shot back that I was breaching trust and putting him and his friends and family in danger by my response to his comment about it being a good thing he didn't go to the VA. I shot back that was bullshit, that he'd already made public everything involved in our exchange. He shot back, "That was then; this is now."

Never mind that he'd never informed me that-was-then-this-is-now, if "they" want to get a history on someone, no amount of changing screen names or use of anonymous commenting or change of computer or ISP or whatever will stop them. Never mind even that, it's flat out ludicrous to suggest anything that passed between us, whether in public or in private, could in any way endanger him, his friends or his family.

Still, he insists I breached his trust. Still, I insist I did no such thing, but even if I had done such a thing, there is outright no conceivable way it would endanger him or anyone in his orbit.... I did not bring up anything he had not already put into the public domain, and if there was anything he wanted to fade into the mists of history and not be spoken of anymore, he did not, not, not inform me of it. So, adding this to the fact that the entire content of anything that has ever passed between us couldn't possibly endanger anyone, you might begin to understand why I've lost patience with him.

He's just mad I called him on his having to drink because of pain for which there was no other remedy bullshit.


Shortly after all that, Sam [aka OTG] piped up with some bullshit about not trusting me either, and a load of crap about me being some kind of nazi for asking people to sign a name if they were going to use the "anonymous" option to comment. I don't know what his problem is, and I no longer care. If he doesn't trust me, I don't want to interact with him. Period.


I ask people to sign anonymous function comments so that the people who come to say something know who they are talking with, and so I don't have to go into the infuriating stats bullshit to see who's talking to me. Why is this an issue? It's an issue because all sorts of people like to mindfuck others by coming in as a bunch of different people. Some just don't want to take the karma for something nasty they don't want to keep themselves from saying. I don't let strangers just call me up and say things to me anonymously on the phone. I have no speakers hooked up here so that anyone walking by might put their two cents into my air at will. So why would I be wanting it on my blog?

I don't even demand it be your given name! I just ask people to please be whatever name they want here and sign that if they want to skip signing into anything to say something here.

There are still sites out there where they seem to be okay with anonymous input, I think, but most of them nowadays require you to be signed up with TwitFace or their commenting system or become a member of their site before you can say anything at all. I don't want to require any of that. I don't want assholes here either, so... well... you get my drift, I hope, if you are a reasonable sort....


It seems, though, that both Phil and Sam still want to come in and wax antagonistic betimes. I will just delete it when I find it, but I want you to know that I am sorry you might have that added unhappiness if you see it before I do.