you fuckers

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The day after Sandy struck NYC I saw pictures of supermarket shelves being stripped for the dump from the flooding. A couple of days after that I started seeing all kinds of pictures of people dumpster diving for food. This has not made much sense to me. I couldn't tell exactly what the supermarket was throwing out. It looked to be mostly cans of soda pop, and I'm imagining everyone who was going to prepare had prepared by stripping those shelves before the storm. Still, I thought about it. Maybe they were doing it to stave off looting, or calling everything the water touched a loss for insurance purposes. But what would have been wrong with just setting it out and letting whoever wanted it take it?

Anyway, the dumpster divers. This was an even more vexing sight. They had so many days notice, too many days notice for my blood, but let's just leave that for now. There can be no way for anyone to suppose that NYC was not as ready as could be for this, either on the municipal or personal levels. And if they were not, in fact, prepared for prolonged power outages, if you won't line them up and shoot them, then fire them, and don't wait for the ELECTION.

Thing is, I wanted to mention this weird thing today, and started googling around to retrieve the evidence for you. I was halted by what was returned. Go ahead, google "sandy dumpster diving" and look what you get. Solid right wingnuts dissing Ofuckface for all they're worth for starving Sandy victims.

That is not now, nor has it ever been, the president's job, nor even FEMA's job, going in. That is up to the people and their local emergency response mechanisms.

NYC is rife with soup kitchens, with means to feed hungry people. Don't tell me those are not operating full bore for everyone with problems keeping themselves fed.


Then you look at the images in this piece. Milk and ice cream?

What's. Wrong. With. This. Picture?

Not a peep about it from the bastions of left wingnuttery. Excuse me, lefties have traditionally been the ones screaming bloody murder about hungry people, and now it's up to the free market capitalists? WTF?

Are. You. Nuts?

If there really are hungry people the left is not yelling about, they don't now and never did care about hungry people. If there really aren't hungry people the right is yelling about, they didn't then and still don't care about hungry people.

Neither Hatfields nor McCoys care about hungry people.

Only you and I care about them.