i still have questions

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Is this going to be when we have legions of genetically inferior trolls to clean our glass? And, yes, these people all look posthuman to me already, but are we all going to be impervious to the microwaves carrying all this information? Living in the redwoods as I do, the part about the field trip to Redwood State Park is outright ludicrous. You maybe can't imagine the degree of schmutz that would get on that display right away, but I can, and you'd probably kill the trees with the amount of glass cleaner you had to use to keep playing your games.

Truly. This idea of advancement is crap. I already smack people who bitch about my smoking with, "I'll quit when you throw your cell phone away." Jackasses. Seriously. There is really something to the notion that our right brains are being starved by the unremitting appeals to our left brains to be able to keep up. This is faux advancement. We can accomplish way better with no mindfucking and no health hazards.

Of course, that would involve mustering the courage for independence of mind, and not just the flattering ourselves declarations of it we see everywhere on the tubes. No. That would involve the real deal.