they always mention the eye

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And, if you will actually look, with your mind open, you gotta admit that doesn't seem a likely evolution.

Anyway, I'm left wondering, as ever, what that has to do with the price of tea in China or horses in Arizona. Mox nix. No. Really. Why is a creator necessary for people to be good? Why is a lack of one necessary for people to use their intelligence? I don't get it.

For as variegated as we come, we are darn robotic creatures. We can be relied upon to respond to certain stimuli in predictable ways, globally, with not much variation, and the few who aren't reliable this way are easily neutralized.

Still, I don't see why anyone who invented us and/or assembled us need be thought of as God... or even as worthy of reverence if they don't exactly measure up for any reason other than our existence.

It always boils down to beginninglessness. People can't wrap their heads around that one irrefutable fact. They refute it. Or they keep insisting it has to be refutable.

It does not.

So whoever invented us was invented and that inventor was invented. Or if you think creationism is just too ignominious, fine. Whatever we evolved from evolved from something else that evolved from an infinite regress of other things. If you don't hold with beings bringing beings, we can use spontaneity just fine. Poof. People and things and critters just appear and disappear.

Again, mox nix.



Why is any of this pertinent to our duty to do better?