doubling down on the limited hangout

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I know I mentioned before about the possibility that this purported "unexploded thermitic material" may have been planted to mislead, or, and I think more likely, it's just stuff you would find in the WTC dust. I don't think I have mentioned before that this "recovered hard drive" business really bothers me. Recovering hard drives from that seems about as plausible as recovering one of the hijacker's passports.

I wonder how many people have the first part of a clue just how thoroughly the mindfucking pervades. It seems to me it is more important to the psychopaths to keep you from rising above "public physics" than to protect themselves from your puny little accusations of conspiracy and mass murder and crimes against humanity.

I mean, seriously. No. Really. They don't give a fuck about any of that. You can't do diddly about it, and it's preferable that you remain terrified by it in any case.

The one thing unacceptable to them is that you grasp what actually happened.