your stroke of insight

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I posted this on my old blog when it was new. I kept it in the sidebar for a long time. I moved it into my beautiful speech buttons collection at length. I couldn't imagine there was a soul left who'd missed it, but in the intervening years I have come across a few people who had just discovered it. Today, on YouTube I noticed one guy to whose channel I subscribe favoriting it.

It occurs to me I need to bring it up again. Beside being beautiful and inspiring on a strictly mundane level, it might make old people less afraid, and on a transcendental level, it is the single best clue for the struggling bodhisattva I ever found out here in the walking around world. It has an advantage over the ancients in that it is in the present day idiom... which makes it in a sense even better teaching than the ancient masters.

I even thought this was going to cure the big problem with the New Agers, that they'd see it and realize they couldn't just say this stuff into being so, but I think they only took one thing from it, and being as they have not been oriented by their school to correctly apprehend teaching, of course, they got it wrong... made it into one of their immortally irksome slogans.

Still, even if you've seen this before, it bears another go, paying minute attention. If you are a spiritual seeker, the answers to so many hugely consequential questions are right here. If you are not, this can give you a solid hint how not crazy it is to undertake enlightening being. If you want an enlightenment pill it's not going to help you at all. If you are merely calling yourself spiritually inclined, motivated by the wish to think well of yourself, unfortunately, there's ammo for you here, and we will just endure it, because there's too much food for good hearts here to keep it from even you.