do you need to clear your head?

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This lecture never fails me. There is so much in this lecture about Rome, circa 44 b.c.e., that lights up third millennium America like... well... heh... like a roman candle.... It still dazzles me. I think I've listened to it five or six times, and I oughta do something like make a date where annually I go back to it to get clear again.

I just heard today a gaggle of geese going on about Julius Caesar being the real Jesus Christ, and would not have kept listening except for the spiritual need to know upon what basis they would make this claim. I mean, I have heard some people posit something like this, but more along the lines of some Caesar having appropriated some of Jesus' virtues to his office. But, no, a decent case was made for the outrageous assertion, a damn decent one. One of the men in the goose gaggle, a Frenchman, went so far as to say, after studying the matter long and hard, starting out with a very negative attitude, had come to realize that Julius Caesar must have been the greatest man who ever lived. So it sent me back to Parenti.

And it keeps me in mind of how vital it is we research deeply anyone the mainstream bids us revile.