i kept asking why he invaded poland

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The answer was always that he was a power-mad lunatic who wanted to take over the world. I remember distinctly being vexed by what they were telling me about WWII. It didn't make sense. And here is a much more believable answer to that and many more questions.

Tonight I am doing things in accord with my determination to investigate more closely the villains about whom I only have the assurances of authorities. I've caught them lying so many times in my life. They might be lying about some of the biggest things. In fact, they are for sure lying about them. So I am going about the process of putting together for myself what might be closer to the truth.

A couple nights ago I heard someone going on about Hitler trying to exterminate the Jews. I'm so sick of that stuff. If he were trying to exterminate them, why was he letting them leave Germany for so long? And then when they DECLARED WAR on Germany, do you expect the Germans felt safe with them running around loose? I mean, in general, as a general principle. I'm sure there were many friendships where people felt fine about each other, notwithstanding the state of war between "Judea and Germany".

And how, anyway, do we get on our high horses about that when we put all our Japanese Americans in concentration camps after Japan declared war on us? No. Really. Doesn't that seem a bit psychedelic? Isn't that... well... insane?

I'm not trying to make excuses for Hitler. It just doesn't track that he could have been so loved and as big a monster as we let on nowadays. I'm trying to get at something closer to truth... get myself close enough that I can then just plain see the whole truth for myself, for the first time in my life. Everybody keeps gasping about how Germany could have let it happen, but, when you look at it in the light of the times, from their point of view, you might suddenly be able to see good reason for stuff you have been taught was all done in the name of absolute power. I am not going to let the magnitude of the atrocities said to have been perpetrated make me afraid to look.

They have been too vehement about it for too long. It starts to feel like the lie, the lynchpin lie, when they do that. So, I break training, quit placing my faith in liars and open my mind to the possibility of truth.