small favors

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I have been right over there tussling with sleep and the day, trying to blank my mind, but only holding my breath, wondering why I can not not get up, when it strikes me. I have to pee. This would be the answer to the whole situation.

This might be something like the usual story, but getting to sleep had been wrestling with freaking out already for a couple days. I was fuming about how many thousands of potential whistle blowers are still nutted up. Whole clusters of brain cells kept shooting out of their stations and splatting on the inside of my skull with the pressure of my vexation over the waves and waves and waves of real Americans who should have been blowing the lid off everything without let up now for how long now? But most particularly while the psychopaths have been torturing everything decent with this unspeakably ugly spying blather about the very few who have blown the whistle.

I had thought we'd find out about Bradley Manning on Monday and then couldn't decide if it being put over till today was any kind of mercy at all. And I guess we have to wait until tomorrow to see how many of his hunnert and thirty years we have to agonize about next.

I still cannot bring myself to believe the situation is genuine, but, of course, I don't know. I mean, someone does such a heroic thing, then unburdens himself to such a slime bucket, and then goes on to comport himself in a completely heroic way while they are perpetrating just about every kind of filthy and uncivilized crime against him for three whole years? It's crazy enough to be real. It's crazy enough to be a psyop. I am grateful to the buddhas of the ten directions those despicable mother fuckers didn't make their aiding-the-enemy shit stick, but they have not been plucked from behind their stinking and ostentatious desks, flung into the slammer to interminably await trial and sentenced to a space pod that can never return to Earth.

And I'm probably going to barf if they don't let him free tomorrow.

I need more coffee to be able to start thinking about how this shades the only semi-secret case they've worked up against Julian Assange.