democracy is a joke

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You can say that again.

Where are we now? How does this thing go? Or how might it be really that we can ever only speculate about, make our educated guesses with each other. I have to be grateful to the psychopaths for finally teaching me not to fall pray to my dreamy sense of justice or my urges for John Wayne to ride into town. They have been despicable models of pure teaching, damn them to whatever squalor insures their abjection for the rest of time.

I remember getting pretty excited about the Egyptians rising up against Mubarak, though I did not fall prey to any silly notions it was going to turn out well for them. He was, against the people of Egypt, helping Israel pound Palestinians, and he was starving his people. But maybe he'd been blocking the use of his country in the effort to take out Syria and then Iran. That had been the plan since at least early Dubya, and most of us were amazed it was not happening. Dubby and his gang didn't get 'er done, much to our relief/surprise. Too much lethargy in his agents provocateurs I guess... or too much sense in the Egyptian people. It took a radical worsening in the economy for it to happen at last.

Then, finally, President Dubya-on-Steroids managed to suave it into shape. And Morsi was working out great. He had declared he'd be sending troops into Syria to fight Hezbollah, the Iranian allies who have been protecting Lebanon from Israel, who they said were helping Assad in Syria. Do you grok what that means? Sunni against Shia... and not little internal bloodbaths inside a country. No. A regional conflagration would swiftly have followed. Iran would have sent help to Syria and Hezbollah. Saudi Arabia would have gone to back the rebels with the Egyptians. Russia and China would line up behind Iran and what might be left of Syria. Israel and the United States would line up behind Egypt and Saudi. It would have been WWIII at last, the thing our own government has been angling to get started without looking to have started it for nigh on a decade.

Nobody wants that but the psychopaths. The Pentagon has been worming us out of it at every turn. Russia and China have been giving their support to all the leaders who will just swallow all the horrific provocations instead of retaliating for all that time, and the provocations have been severe. Assassinations, provocateured chaos, sanctions, mini nukes, drones, suicide bombers, the works. All of it fostered by "our" people... who we pay for. For a decade they have been swallowing all manner of heinous inducements to snap and let WWIII commence. Millions dead. Millions displaced. Misery is the middle name of almost everyone in the Middle East and environs, all so that the WWIII our psychopaths have been working for so tirelessly might be averted.

So most people in Egypt saw Morsi going for the thing that would have lit the ignition switch and, instead of just shrugging and saying, "That's democracy for you," they quickly dumped his ass out of office and prevented WWIII. This was a big loss for the White House. I'd started out being vexed by this because I couldn't see why the psychopaths would dump Morsi who was cooperating beautifully. Then I remembered that the Egyptian Army doesn't exactly belong to that guy, and they would not have wanted anything to do with the fighting in Syria, knowing full well what that was about. And if they'd been inclined to follow orders in order to keep American financing, it wouldn't have taken more than a phone call from Moscow to help them put it together that dumping the puppet would not jeopardize the income at all... maybe even increase it... because hypnotized as they may be that they need our money, they need to wake up to see the psychopaths will not turn on them. They need them too much. Which brings us to now.

Yes, I'm sure some people really are steamed about the undemocratic way Morsi was ousted... and they are the Muslim Brotherhood, after all. Despite their hastily-adopted dedication to peaceful means, they have been terrorist fucks for decades... not as flamingly murderous as they have been painted, but definitely not choir boys, and their sole aim is theocracy. Get it? "Our" leadership has been doing everything to empower "Muslim extremists" for a long time, while for all that time making you think they are the enemies of everything we hold dear. This works because we don't know anything about them beyond they hold knives in their teeth and kidnap white women in between beheadings, which makes us immediately assume that whoever we are siding with is the side that is working to stop them, when we are the entire reason they have enough wherewithal to cause so much trouble.

But the pushbutton in Egypt is now officially malfunctioning, and even though the place is no doubt teeming with CIA and Mossad agents, they're only trying to wrest back control of the army through the people. It might not be our psychopaths slaughtering protestors in Egypt this time. It might be the Army still trying to prevent WWIII and the psychopaths still hoping to get them back.


I mean, the one thing the Egyptian Army cannot do is stand up and tell the crowds they had to oust Morsi or Egypt would be in the middle of WWIII already. That would probably cool the ardor in the streets. A great many of the righteously angry Muslim Brotherhood partisans would be immediately less likely to push trucks off bridges, tear things down, burn things down, beat people to death and generally cause as much mayhem as possible. The rank and file doesn't realize this is not about the final victory of the holy Qur'an. Morsi might not even have realized that, but he's probably getting the picture now. But if they say that loudly enough to quell the dissent it means the U.S. and Israel will not merely stop financing them but start actively replacing them if not outright put them on their list of targets.

I don't like having to be on the side of men who are killing people in the streets, but I think they're doing it to keep bombs from dropping on everyone's houses.