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And this is just the beginning of the fire season. I know the season this year started in the spring, but the historic fire season in the west is late August through October. It may be cosmic... that space junk the solar system is lining up with....

I am pleased that it doesn't seem to be going to top 79° at my house today. So I'm less uncomfortable than I have been in a week. I know it sounds so wimpy for me to be complaining about it, but after a whole life of not dealing with temperature extremes that well, I have entered into a patch where it can barely be said that I deal with them at all. I'm pretty much jake between 58° and 68° and start really noticing the discomfort on either side of that range. The thyroid thing is no doubt in charge of this. Generally speaking, hypothyroid doesn't do heat well and hyperthyroid doesn't do cold well. I don't do either well. I'm better at cold... except my toes, my feet. Physically and mentally I'm pretty okay but my feet start turning purple and burning and itching madly, chilblains, if I don't keep acres of sockitude on them. It's conceivable that I could run around completely naked, wearing only my uggs, in the winter time and be perfectly comfortable.

Must never forget to impress my weirdness on everyone all the time.

Just don't mistake that for wrong, or stupid, or unworthy of consideration or I'll have to take my gun off the end of my helium balloon string and plug you right between the eyes. That's totally fair.

Anyway, I have been poring over the radars and satellite information and note that a nice system is moving up California from the southeast. I have been hovering over those visual aids the past couple hours because the system is getting so close to the raging wildfires not so far south of me. But, the fires seem to be pushing the precipitation of that system down underneath them, turning the rain's progress more westerly than northwesterly. Shit.