it could be another saber slash

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I mention this because of the crap Israel has put about, as it has, falsely, so many times before... and there is a competing view that makes more sense. Of course, we must not be so ignorant as to expect more sense... even if it's still unbearably ugly and evil.

But it's beginning to look like not even the puppets are willing to do WWIII.

I keep trying to think that this is the last big fake out, that none of the Western fuckheads have the money or the political capital to really do this, that the head psychopaths are going to have to sweeten all their pots a great deal more before they won't prefer to just worm out of it, even at a loss of face. Thing is, Ofuckster is not big on loss of face. It's not wise to trust pencil-necked creeps to keep getting mated by stronger and better men and just take their licks.

But, I console myself, our military made it pretty clear that attacking Iran was not on, and attacking Syria is attacking Iran, so would they even let him try to save face by slaughtering more Syrians? Would Putin even let him do something that heinous? Obama's got to want out of this... or does he fancy becoming the next global villain, going down in the history books, assuming any future, as the most evil American president of all time?

Nobody wants this. Nobody. Did these pigs pull a filthy chemical attack, not even minding not to have the kind of [faked] proof they'd need, just hoping they could whip the people to their will like with that pathetic charade of making OBL die again? Is this just some zombie exercise of politicians playing their games and none of them having any control over what our military does to Syria?

I haven't had enough sleep to be thinking of this stuff.