mister north sucks as a roving reporter

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If I had to rely on him to investigate my abduction by aliens... well... the world would never find out what happened to me....

Anyway, this little bit more information tends to confirm my assertion that something is frying the nerves and/or equilibrium of critters intermittently and with disastrous to those critters effects. Some of the birds didn't die when they hit the ground. Most birds die from merely bumping into a window. Even though the impact can't possibly be hard enough to really hurt anything, we imagine, bird bones are ridiculously small, light and weak. They usually don't make it. If they drop out of the sky, or out of a tree, or off the roof onto something soft enough they might merely be injured or stunned. Still, half the time that's all it takes before something bigger snatches them up and eats them.

The birds that survived the North Winnipeg debacle can't walk or fly. Something in there was fried. Same gig with the seals and dolphins washing up dead or dying. I bet it's the same with the bees who aren't making it back to their hives.

They say they are going to euthanize and autopsy the surviving immobilized birds. No matter if it is the truth, we will not be hearing about the actual cause. We might get some bullshit about injury from the fall, but they will not, not, not, not, not report what actually did this.