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I can't even remember if I mentioned it to you, or just to Old Uncle Dave, but the notion popped into my head that the coup in Egypt felt so weird to me because it was not the US government making it happen... for once. Morsi had been acting alarmingly openly puppetish in the days right before his ouster. We were just starting to breathe a sigh of relief over Putin seeming to have flattened the NATO powers' bullshit about Syria at the G8. It seemed they'd been deflected, but Morsi was not deflected and looked to be close to, a day or two away from, sending Egyptian troops to Syria.

Nobody in Egypt can have been happy about this. Least of all the army. But that would definitely have been the move to start a giant sectarian conflict that would have spanned the Muslim world. It was like, okay, we can't intervene without looking like total bloodlusting fucks, outright aggressors, no even flimsy Libyaesque excuses this time, so, hey, we can achieve the same result by getting Morsi involved. Then we can go in to "save the day"....

Only, I do believe Mr. Putin had this figured out. One phone call to some Egyptian patriot might have been all the impetus they needed to oust Morsi while they had the chance to completely obviate any pan-Muslim holocaust troops into Syria could hardly not have sparked... immediately. No, I don't think they are too dumb to have done it under their own power, for this very sane reason, but I think there are people in the Egyptian military who would not want to cross the West so blatantly without some kind of resort. And, now, bam, DEBKAfile asserts Putin will be visiting Cairo this week... which would seem to bolster my idea that Russia is that resort.

Except, shit, I don't think it's safe. I hope he doesn't go.

Which brings me to this embassy closing crap everyone says is our reaction to Russia giving Snowden asylum. No. It is the threat of a major false flag to accomplish what sending Egyptian troops into Syria was supposed to accomplish. You might wish to name this war the Muslim War, but that, I'm sorry, would not cover it.

The thing they are desperate to accomplish is WWIII.

Right now is the time everyone with any kind of inside knowledge of any of those embassies, any embassy, should be looking for the herald of the false flag. Do not forget about GWYNETH TODD. We need an army of Gwyneth Todds just now.

Yes, we miserable and poisoned denizens of Western Psychopathy are going to be in a world of hurt, economically, if the filthy fuckers in charge don't get to take over the world. But millions will be slaughtered and none of the survivors will know anything approximating freedom if the people in any remote position to stop the impending false flag don't do their best to stop it.

I am not being paranoid. This is the logical progression of everything going on.

Make noise.


And remember:
In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world. (Edgar Cayce, 1944, No. 3976-29)
I mean, even if he was wrong about me being swallowed up by the sea fourteen years ago, he might've just had the date wrong, and a lot of his predictions have come alarmingly true over the years. So....

Make noise.