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Just in case you are into this stuff, Dutch, who was caught doing all kine meretricious stuff a couple years ago, brings the goods on the chic alternative earth/weather changes hypster. I did not need this input as I have found most of his daily news briefs to be incoherent blather made to sound sage. Dutch is at least clear, and can claim to have saved a life by warning a Joplin resident in time for them to leave town before the tornado hit, but he stole his thing from a couple of hillbillies who were putting the pulsing of the chemtrails thing up on YouTube before he stepped in to make it more palatable to us intellectual types who won't be caught listening to hillbillies. I even tried to help the hillbillies prevail, but they were too damn unreliable, kept getting knocked down by hillbilly stuff and hypochondria and existential terror.

It is very hard to get morally or psychologically impeccable truthers.

The bottom line is that there is definite evidence that "radars" of some sort begin putting out recognizable patterns a day or two before shit happens. It is unclear to me whether they are picking up the pattern from something else that's doing it, or they are doing it. I'm leaning toward the former, but this connects with what I'm saying about all the critters dropping out of the sky and washing ashore and failing to return to their hives. I think it connects to certain depressive presentations in humans, too, and all the metal we are breathing and eating amplifies it.


Just remembered I wanted to dis the deathless SEO crap on the tubes. That stands for "search engine optimization" and it is the herald of the charlatan. I drop anyone engaged in it like a hot potato. You may or may not have noticed that I do a lot to make certain my blog is not optimized for anything beyond commentary of one sort or another. I go out of my way to shun optimizing tactics, including not naming people to pick a fight with, which increases traffic amazingly. Not to say there are no genuine fights, but mostly not. It's mostly aimed at steering traffic to your site, and the victims seldom mind because it drives traffic to their sites.

You can usually spot these fucks by their post titles. They are not doing it for your benefit. They are not here to relate with you genuinely. They are here to make a buck. I know people need to make a buck in order to keep eating, but you will not ever be able to rely on them to put the truth over the buck, ever. They are snakes, even if some of them are snakes who like to be nice. Snakes.


That means you either stumbled onto my blog accidentally or someone told you to check it out. I'm even considering going more exclusive than this. But for my conviction that the people in my life will be here through karma alone, I think I would have made this a private blog long ago. That's probably going to keep me from making it private, but I might end up doing something along the lines of having stuff for only registered members, or just switching off search engine access altogether. If I do that the feed will cease to work and people who want their blogs on feeds will find me suddenly disappeared if I take that route.


I'm serious. People with podcasts might actually need some help... poor people with podcasts. It's not that expensive, but beyond the reach of most people on fixed incomes. Some come right out and state they are living off donations alone, and if you believe them and like them maybe it's okay to help them as you can, remembering that they will be doing things strictly to attract more prospective donors.

I just want the money thing out of our mentalities long enough for us to be true to each other. That has never seemed to me to be too much to ask, but it's a motherfucker all the same. Maybe I should be glad it's easier to tell on the tubes, but it riles me anyway.