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I already linked this, but maybe you need to hear it. If you can't take Alex ejaculating, you could do Corbett. I'd rather listen to Alex, even though I have to turn him down to the lowest possible setting to avoid atrial fibrillation, but, since I'm trying to maintain my clarity on the geopolitics at work, I listened to both.

Just make sure you get as clear on this as you can. The "Syrian Opposition" is a bunch of mercenaries who are paid by us, and the Saudis, through Bandar Bush, who unfortunately is not dead after all. With the leak from the Russian diplomat, it is 100% perfectly crystal clear that Bandar is, and has been since before 9/11, our head of global terrorist activities... including the "Chechen Rebels" we've been using against Putin for over a decade. This is no longer anything approximating mere rumor, or the product of well-trusted educated guesses. It has become of the character of fact... something you can enter into evidence and make it stick. It's out. We're not groping around in the dark anymore.

If Obama keeps this up, actually attacks Syria, he has for real, and beyond recall, entered the company of murderating fucks like Hitler and Stalin and Pol Pot and Suharto and Genghis Khan....


I think this makes it official. The idea was to start WWIII.
One thing Russia will not do is fight for Syria. Lavrov said it explicitly Monday, and pundits were unequivocal in agreeing he meant it. Like many recent US-led military operations, a strike against Syria simply would not touch enough on Russia’s vital geopolitical interests, leaving Moscow without an incentive to expend the considerable economic and military effort required by overseas military operations, analysts said. Another concern would be public opinion: About the only example of Russia’s military involvement against a US-led military offensive was a sudden takeover by Russian paratroopers of a Kosovo airport in 1999, which left the world slack-jawed but had few consequences otherwise. In that case, however, Moscow could boast to the Russian public of its bold support for the Serbs, a brethren Slavic people perceived as unfairly attacked by the West.
The psychopaths already know not even this horrific provocation is going to give them their world war.

I have to look at the deathlessness of my desire for Putin to just kill them. No. The BRICS nations are going to strengthen while we will be weakening steadily yet a while, maybe a very long while, and every life we let the psychopaths take will add the more justice to our pain.

Lavrov said that on Monday, and why did we have to wait until Thursday to find it out from Russia herself? Hmmm?


Iran will have been fully briefed about this public stance, and assuming their relations have survived the "political change" in Iran, it's pretty certain they will not be giving Israel a reason to jump in either.

If we are not putting boots on the ground in Syria, no matter what damage we do, Assad will not be deposed, and whatever horrific damage is done and how much more turmoil, the truth is out. The Syrians are not going to hold this against Assad. They will hold it against us.


More we're-not-defending-Syria noise... and we're-not-helping-Iran-either noise.

I'm calling this noise because I don't 100% believe it. I am dead certain I saw some pieces from reputable sites that reported the S-300s for Iran had made it through a tough spot on the delivery route and been delivered safely. Inside a couple days I was reading all kinds of stuff about how Russia better not deliver those S-300s, and I'm going, "Too laaaaaate!" But then they seem to have had to sign onto sanctions that wouldn't allow delivery and Iran got all hot about it, and I'm, like, whaaa? Then it struck me that if they seemed to be having a tiff about this, no one would have to face publicly that Iran could defend against air attacks.

Excuse me, but Ahmadinejad was just very warmly received in Russia before his term ended, and Iran has been resisting dire provocations since the SCO announced the strategy was for all of them to do just that.

The same would be true with Syria... but the West seems to be wanting to hassle about Russia taking money for it.

Russia is trying to remove the impetus to strike Syria... making, I think, it perfectly crystal clear to the world who the aggressor will be. The Nobel Laureate, that hopey changey thing. I think the deal is that Syria and Iran have been given the capability to defend themselves against attack, but under the condition that they resist retaliation for all provocations short of all out war until they get the green light from the Kremlin. I don't know if this is it. I think Putin is staring right down Obama's throat. Putin will not make the first move, but I wouldn't be surprised if any air strike on Syria meets the same fate as that Turkish jet did a couple months ago. Maybe not... but maybe it depends on how big a fuss the world makes over this sickening and psychopathic — and terrifyingly transparent — false flag.