a good idea

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Make a big deal out of it.

I mean, I have personally known people who went right 'round the bend on those things. Fortunately, most of them nixed the pills immediately, but many people try to endure it... or stop being clear enough to see the pills are doing it at all.

They don't make me crazy. They make me immediately life-threateningly sick... thank goodness. I mean, smoking is healthier... and insomnia sucks but, no matter what they tell you, that shit doesn't work on it anyway. The side effects are so horrific for so many that I'm shocked these things haven't been nixed long since, but even when they are deemed to have "worked" to bring someone out of their depression, or over their cigarettes, or just made them stop hassling their doctor, the picture is creepy as fuck.

It turns formerly free-spirited and expressive people into placid little automatons who delight in things like holding down a brain-freezingly boring job and bragging about owning a personal espresso machine for their desk. You quickly decide this person you've known since grade school has been commandeered by a body snatcher for sure. It's that stark.

But, and you can call me wacky, I think it's more than just the pills. There are more and more regular lucid types insisting that people are being zapped with frequencies and made to hear voices by technology being beamed into them. This still sounds fantastical as heck to me, but there is one little bitty hitch for me. There are periods of time when my head is buzzing with an electrical tone. It's not coming from my ears. So it's totally not impossible they're transmitting voices this way.

So the kid, if he were not already identified as unstable, would be looking for help over those voices, and if that help comes in the form of an SSRI, the chances are maybe 25% he's going to start listening to them instead of having himself committed. Or, and I have to mention this, the chances of success are boosted greatly by that creepy automaton effect... to maybe a 50/50 chance of turning out, if not an actual mass murderer, at least a really believable patsy for it... especially if he gets killed before the police nab him.

Anyway, you don't have to mention the frequencies thing, or the patsy thing, to make a big deal out of this. It's a good plan.


Oh, well, Old Uncle Dave sent me a link to correct the record. So it's trazodone, aka Desyrel, and Scott Creighton, it seems, doesn't mind mentioning the ELF thing.

Supposedly the lightest antidepressant, trazodone is one of the things they tried to make me sleep... lightest dose... three days... at which point, about twenty minutes after taking it, it made me run to the bathroom to sit on the john and barf into the garbage basket. My whole nervous system was suddenly working sort of like a strobe light... really horrifically badly at first, and it took me a couple weeks to get that shit out of my system, stop shaking so much I had to have people pour things for me... and it wasn't just a part of me. It was my whole me.

I did not, however, hear any voices or feel like killing anyone... even myself. It made me too sick for any of that... and didn't make me the least bit sleepy either.


Proof of concept right here for those of you who want to get serious on the ELF theory. I guess you could just judge who you could mention this to effectively and who not. The point is to make it known widely that guns are not what's doing this.