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I don't think my eyes are going out, but maybe my monitor is, or maybe I'm just tired of the template here. I have been holding back on a bunch of things I want for it for too long, preferring to wait until I have enough nickels to rub together for a bit of professional help, and switching platforms and hosting services. It's hard to decide if my thing about the perfect font or my hatred for the commenting system is the more pressing of my completely unsolvable problems, but neither of them can be fixed until I switch out of here. So then the aggravation from the glare of the white on black text making the fonts more unacceptable than they already are has just gotten to me the past few days. So I had to do something about it.

I don't know if you can hang with it, and I want you to like it. Truly I do, but I spend more of my life here than you do, so I also can't hate much more than I already hate about it. If you have any big gripe about this new look, please let me know. It's feasible I might yet come up with, say, a link color that is neither completely invisible nor so contrasting I hate it if you think that is too hard to see.

I wanted the dark background for environmentally-correct reasons, beside just plain liking black, but something is just not letting that happen right now and all of us can dim our monitors anyway and we have lots more to worry about on the moment than shaving one ion of environmental degradation off this sector of the galaxy.

And, while I'm at it, I'm taking the anonymous function off the comments because Joely is the only one who ever uses that now, and he's taken to mostly silence or emailing me his commentary. I do vaguely recall that there was some other hassle with not having that function open, but I can't remember what it is, and perhaps that has been fixed now anyway.

Let's see, and please pipe right up about any of this and I will see what I can see about accommodating everyone.