i know i have linked this before

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But BB2 brought it up again earlier, and it really is an impeccable source for understanding why Tony Pantalleresco is always going on about ways to strip out all the gunk glued to your intestines so that you can get real nutrients back in your body.

And I was going to link an interview between Alex Jones and Deborah Tavares about the frequencies putting voices in people's heads, the malign sequela of cell phone use and ceaseless smart meters, which would help impress upon you what is antennaed by that gunk built up in your intestines, but I just cannot take that woman's type of urgency. She outdoes Alex in that department and her tone of voice actually begins to make you want to doubt the veracity of, or the motive for, what she says. Maybe I can find a better link to put here for that, but... okay... hell... if you really think you can stand it, here it is.

You get the point by now anyway, right?