i know it sounds crazy

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But it is a good term. You can strip off all the goofy tripping associated with it and still be left with a fundamental truth. We are constantly spraying each other with loosh. Psychopaths are energized by our hatred and fear and improperly-channeled anger. Love and joy and bliss are all pathetic to them. So, truly, don't be an idiot, don't send them that either!

This is your double-bind! You have no way to have an emotional life that doesn't either feed them or drain us or both. If you cannot set yourself to learning how to — as the masters say — "blaze cool", you are part of the problem. This is why I bother to talk all this Zen stuff around here, despite the filthy wreckage modern society has made of it. It isn't, in fact, what they make of it... and the mastery of it is a matter of literally cosmic proportions. You don't have to call it "Zen". There are a bunch of other mainstream names for it, but they are all as badly trammeled as "Zen" so I am not inclined to bother with that discussion. It would be brilliant if I could find another term for it that had none of the wuwu connotations and yet would be capable of imparting the essence of it. I am a total pro at naming things, but this has stumped me for decades.

Anyway, energetics are very real. People can be, and are, manipulated by them, sometimes to the point where they go crazy from it, but mostly only to the point where it makes them do what they would not have done if they were completely in control of themselves without knowing that they are not in control of themselves. In fact, most people would be offended to hear they are not in control of themselves, and this is perfect because that insures that they will function more completely under the control of someone else!

It's your job to both feel more and be less bullied by it, to be more angry than you have ever been in your life and not let a drop of it out. This is only possible if you can take the heat out of it, else you spontaneously combust. Think of all those crazy aliens in the B movies, the ones who laser you with their eyes. You try to sneak away from them and at the last moment they glance a lethal beam at you and you're a pile of smoking rubble after that. Well, that is also real, just not the way it looks in the movies. And it doesn't have to be from your facial eyes, though that works darn well. It can be from your mind's eye and it can go anywhere you want it to. Distance is not a factor.

But there can be none of the character of loosh about it or it's only making the negative more negative and the positive less positive, no matter what flavor of loosh you are supplying. You have to shift that emotional energy, that life force energy, from just pouring out into the world around you, or even beaming out, to just perfecting up inside you. You heighten the thrust of it without thrusting it. When you need to use it, you simply aim it without leaking it. Think of that unthrusted loosh as traveling in subspace, or from your insides in further to its mark. It doesn't leave your skin into the walking around world, and it reaches its target from their core.