i wonder how that's workin' out for him now

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Is he still alive? Is he strapped into some VA hospital bed getting his ass wiped by some minimum wage angry kid? Is he in some Arizona retirement community with his fifth wife, or sitting at the end of some bar trying to erase that memory? Or have his skin and lungs long since rotted off from exposure to Agent Orange?

The big problem with the they're-psychopaths-and-we're-not gig is that we are the ones executing their plans. Yes, we need to be mindfucked and trained and dropped into the life-and-death zone to accomplish it, but we do it. Yes, most of the time we sign up for it because we can't make our way out of the ditch if we don't, but most of us go right back into it when they're done with us, and what possessed us to think that slaughtering our sisters and brothers to make it out of our poverty was a workable plan?

You let your desire run you and your brain, in cahoots with your ego, will make that workable. They know this about you and they exploit it. This doesn't make it okay. You are half the problem. You are crucial to the success of psychopaths in ruining the lives of everyone.

They're going to sell WWIII to you by crashing the economy. You are going to lose your determination to stop the slaughter when it comes to either slaughter or stop eating. It is vital to every living thing that you look at the root of the problem and cut it out. You are the only person on earth who can do this.