made me look

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BB2 just has to pipe in with a song once in a while, and this time it made me think of the best album in history... and everything that goes with it. It took quite a lot of looking, and floods of memories about knocking me off my cliff. I can't believe it.

He looks so sad... and from all my looking I think I even know why... and I wish I could take that all away.

After what seemed like endless left turns, we were finally serious... serious. He was stone cold gorgeous. He was full of mad energy. Worked hard. Flew out of bed at 4am from his modified chicken coop to meet the crummy on its way out to the job. Played hard. The moment the season was over meant the skiing season began. He disappeared into the mountains every winter. Movie star gorgeous. No. Really. Wicked smart. And the ladies were crazy for him, his checkered past, got in screeching cat fights on his front lawn whenever he was home... so he just didn't go home. He hid out in the chicken coop... often with me....

Boondocks royalty, his father had different plans, and the call to tell me about them was one of the worst moments of my life. It, of course, hurt worse than anything, but it made me angry, too, not exactly at him or even his father... goddammit... I understood.