still our number one problem

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Lethal distractions notwithstanding, our failure to come together mano-a-mano to make this stop could very well be the end of us, sooner rather than later. You have not seen the horrific hit the forests are taking. It's scary as fuck... and huge swaths of it are burning down right this very now. It might be due almost entirely to geo-engineering.

People are screaming about Fukushima again, trying to scare the snot out of everyone again... and all the horrific displays by barely legal celebrities... and all the filthy tripe about racism... on top of our president trying to start WWIII. I know it's a lot, even if plenty of it is actually hype... it's still too much to deal with. We have to deal with it. We have to make it stop. We have to have more whistleblowers outing all the ugly secrets. We have to get the facts and work with them. We have to stop being so easily maneuvered away from providing for our own and everyone else's best interest.

So I'm reminding you. The crap they're spraying is killing everything.