the memory hole

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I have been looking for the Jeff Rense, Jim Marrs, Abraham Bolden interview everywhere. I and a couple thousand other people posted it from the YouTube playlist made of it, but, of course, those videos have been deleted and I'm not finding any replacement for them. In that interview, Bolden stated that a telephone tip from a man named Lee was what put them onto the Chicago hit planned for 2 November 1963. Near the end of the image link video we hear about the evidence that Oswald was Hoover's man in shutting down CIA training bases for an attack on Cuba... on the president's orders. Put this together with the picture of Oswald watching the president go by, and you just can't help finally assimilating the full import of what happened that day. Can you? No. No, you can't.

I don't think Bolden would have piped up about it in the first place if he wanted that interview taken down, and I can't believe Rense would want to keep that from us behind his pay wall either, and the extant versions of JFK II on the tubes have been mauled to one degree or another, keeping the part about Oswald and Hoover working on JFK's orders kind of murky, unless you want to invest the time on at least three different incarnations of it, which says to me these bits are still too hot for the psychopaths.

That transparency we have to have, but don't? Would it not be so excellent if this could be the domino falling that would finally cause us to fix it?


Joely has found the replacement on YouTube. I am going to try not to get paranoid about Google withholding that bit on me.... I must just not have clicked on the right links or something. It's in the third video at about minute 3.