we don't really need to belabor this

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Do we?

I mean, anything that happens, this horrific stuff, is the result of our administration, acting on behalf of their masters, who are not us, and we don't even have to think about the particulars anymore. It's not ever untainted by meddling from the psychopaths. One of the reasons I like Ole Dammegard so much is because he just declares outright that there are no terrorists, and no lone nutcases. They are all soldiers of the puppeteers, witting, unwitting and mind controlled. You know that is precisely right. You know it.

I keep linking you to all this wuwu stuff to help pry your mind tentacles from their grip on great globs of shit put about everywhere to turn your beautiful attention from your path to freedom. They have you figured out. All this coming in over the wires is their excrement and you have to stop eating it.

You have to.

There's one way out. One.