almost as bad as listening to government officials

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Is all the braying going on about discommoded veterans and seniors forced to poop in less than optimal comfort and the ignominy of default and running back to the Philippines ahead of the dollar crash and, and, and, and... how can we miss them if they won't go away?

This "healthcare" travesty the "progressives" are yanking your chain and porta-potty over is the end... the end... of your remotest dream of freedom. I heard some guy all stoked about finding medical coverage on the exchange for "only $200 a month"... the fat fuck. Stupid jerk.

Look, as long as there is the remotest chance the Republicans are going to kill Obamacare, I'm rooting for that. I don't actually think they are because it's as awful as they would be panting for if they'd done it, but all that work you did to try to get your say-so back from the insurance company on the matter of your own health? Pft. Gone. On top of you having to pay and pay and pay and pay and pay some more over the already unbearable amount you have to pay and pay and pay and pay and pay.

You're a mother fucking slave, okay? Stop it! Don't just sit back and let these political poseurs run this game on you again. The Democrats are wringing you dry with all the sob stories about the death blow of this shutdown, trying to make it look like Republicans are the most heartless bastards ever in office. The Republicans are acting all hard ass and fiscally responsible, trying to save our butts from this horror.

They're rallying their troops in the great divide and rule, you rubes! It's all going away. The Republicans are going to cave after making themselves look tough and as though they did everything they could to prevent the oligarchs from getting radically more of our no money... while the oligarchs go on printing all the dough they want into infinity... and some archon in the bowels of some castle somewhere arbitrates arbitrarily when to call it boom or bust.

You're giving me a headache!