ben's still kickin'

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Yes, he still sounds crazy as a bedbug, but there is a very strong thread of sanity still running through it, and you might want to listen here to the part about the lack of radiation thing, get a little balancing input rolling around in your coconut about now.

Seriously. What reason on earth would he have to lie about that? If anything, I could believe he would be making a hairier deal out of it than it is, not the other way around. Seriously. Think of 9/11, of what Judy Wood has been telling you about that. Exactly the same technology that makes towers go all powder fountain also neutralizes radioactivity.

Not only would the world powers not be this quiet about the Fukushima meltdown, but they would have done something about it immediately if they only had the means. Right?


They do have the means.


That is also why they keep letting you shit bricks about all the feebed-out nuke plants.