drop your mental defaults

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And take this point. Don't judge Sensei Dave or G. Edward Griffin. Forget all the crap that comes up over looks or catch phrases you've been trained to take amiss. Neither one is young and neither one is old. They're not white or black or red. Neither is liberal or conservative. Neither is a bliss ninny or a neocon. Perhaps it will help to put the video behind another window while you listen.

Surely you've found yourself to have been duped so many times by now that you no longer will throw up excuses or other denial tactics. Just try to hear this with a still mind. Quit immediately attaching all your presets to any words you read or hear. Just listen and if you catch yourself having thoughts while you do it, bat them away immediately. If you don't feel you've absorbed what's been said after you're done, try it again.

Everything wrong with right now is everything that has been wrong for time immemorial, only intensified exponentially by modern technology. You are a slave and that one fact means you are tearing down our planet.


Rev. Al seems to have heard me.