economics 101

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It is too expensive to run a business if your employees can command a respectable wage and benefits. Even if you still make fabulous profits after paying for that, you're not going to be as wealthy as when you would not have to be paying for that. On the other hand, if there is a glut of people all scrambling for those jobs, you can pay way less and slash benefits too. You can get a more outrageously expensive car. Your wife can pay for all those five digit handbags she likes so well... and the same for all your stockholders.

The only problem with this is that then there are too many unwashed useless eaters everywhere. What a conundrum! Gotta have those numbers! But damn those numbers pressuring your beautiful mind and planet. What to do? What to do? What to do?

Slaughtering them wholesale will leave the survivors in too strong a position for wages, but keeping them alive clutters up the streets and ruins your day. You can't even go for a stroll in the park without tripping over passed out drunks and snot-faced toddlers. You can't make it down the block without ten people asking you for money.

The current plan is to get them to start reproducing early and get them starting to be really sick by the time they are thirty. Couple this with slowly cutting off care for the old people who rely on Medicare, and soon enough the catastrophe on the streets will begin to thin out, the hospitals will be raking in the dough on the dying, it will cease to be a crime to fuck the children who are hitting puberty at seven, and they will work for whatever coins you care to toss at them. The population has been at least halved. Everything is running smoothly. Bottomless pool of young men fighting to be your stormtroopers, kill anyone who gives you flak. People pay you the proper respect.

It's a beautiful world.