guess i've always been a dior girl

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I might kill someone for this dress... although, actually, especially now, but really always, I'd've preferred it to come with long sleeves. Half naked is fine when I'm running around my house in a sweater only, but out in the world? Not so much. I think out there one should be covered or naked. No in between. People look stupid in shorts. Mini skirts with bare legs look gross. And though it really is possible to arrange the d├ęcolletage to make a pleasing line on the garment, that's about as far as it should go.

I used to have a black Dior tuxedo style pantsuit I would wear with a silk t-shirt and my antique sneakers. It never failed to bring down the house.

I have not eaten in 85 hours. I have some chicken in the oven. I decided not to press this too long this time, take the seven-pound weight loss and see how I do with my energy levels and ability to keep the pounds off. I might do this fast on a monthly basis... or for one day a week... something like that. It's not a lot of fun, but it's not an epic downer either, and it provides biochemical benefit as well as weight management.

I'm thinking that if the weight comes right back on, even if I eat carefully, I will do it again for longer. If my energy doesn't pick up, I might do it again sooner than that, but right now, even though I don't feel that spritely, I do feel clearer. That is a good sign.

I read somewhere recently that women with waistlines wider the 35 inches and men with waistlines wider than 40 inches are suffering from metabolic syndrome, are prediabetic, and should do this fast and get even some light exercise and eat better to keep from going into a number of awful states of disease and dysfunction. I think we may have stumbled upon the mechanism for a spate of miseries that plague the aging... which is everybody... and they have discovered that all of us are deficient in vitamin D, but some of us have a genotype that is prone to it... and that will make this metabolic syndrome happen all by itself, maybe even be what starts the autoimmune problem that nukes the thyroid.

So take your mother fuckin' D! Go buy 5000mg D gel caps and take two a day. If you have poor digestion, squeeze the D out of the cap and take it that way. Don't argue with me. Do it.