i had a "bath" today

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It was really only a facsimile of a bath because, of course, I had to do it in my not-a-tub, but I did it without the usual long preparatory pleadings to the buddhas for the spit to go through with it. I just walked in there and did it. I'm clean.

As I expected, the seven pounds down from my fast turned into only nearly five pounds down this morning, because I ate two small half chicken breasts, five cups of coffee and about four ounces of kefir yesterday, but, hell, I knew it was coming. I've had a large pork chop just now and three cups of coffee so far. I'm going to try to save the other chop I cooked for tomorrow, and quell any hunger later with a little more kefir.

I mean, maybe I don't need to go back down to quite as skinny as last time, but that still means I have fifteen pounds I want gone... and, if I can swing it, maybe some extra to give me a little leeway. I quite liked running around in size six jeans, but I didn't like how much older it made my face look. I know that barring some attention from a plastic surgeon it's not going to get better no matter what size I am, but maybe settling for size eights and tens for when I wanna go baggy would be just the right balance.

I don't know if it's from taking the chill pills to keep from blowing my fast by flipping around in bed, or the fast, or just that I had become way too sleep-deprived, or if it might be the help of the new Flux program on my machine, but I have been sleeping a lot for the past week, and that is a big break. I can't stress enough how detrimental it is not to get enough sleep.

Even if you think you do fine on just a few hours, and don't feel like that's a problem, it's a problem.

And, I have tried many times to find the woman lecturing at Princeton and talking about how it used to be outright illegal somewhere for peasants to eat meat back in feudal times, but I think that got cut from the video. It's not there anymore. So I can't point you to the information... the place and time and punishment for breaking this law... but even when it was not illegal, the serfs were lucky to get table scraps to use for soup stock. Bread was their mainstay. It helped keep them docile, too lethargic and foggy to gather their wits to make a better life.

And that was before they turned all the wheat into poison.