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So, just in case you suddenly are feeling like taking the time out to go over all this with me, it's back there a little way on the label link... along with a lot of other stuff, of course.


One of the debaters here, Gary King, asked me who won. I replied:
Thanks for the entertaining contribution, Gary, but despite my appreciation for not having to hear the three of you bellowing at each other in unison, and getting this opportunity to view it from different angles, I think resorting to the great ancestral debating mode is, and always was, a good way to lose the thread. Formal debating may even have been designed in the first place to keep truth from ever holding the day. In any case, whatever the start of it, it always seems to devolve into testosterone wars where actuality is ignored.

Testosterone is good for basic survival mode... and by “basic survival mode” I mean protecting yourself and your own from predators... not for getting to the truth. Some say debating is a good way to channel these basic drives into a civilized frame of reference, but it only ever seems to yield a survival-of-the-cleverest way of driving us ever further away from living truly, from getting to the kernel and proceeding according to it.

I came away from this thinking you are losing the truth, reviling the filthy influences of Zionism so much it clouds your vision; John is doing the same thing by defaulting to liberal idealism; and Jim came out the least benighted by his own moral defaults here because, I think, he has enough experience of the world to keep both his revulsion and idealism in check as he goes about his efforts to see into the truth.

If he had skipped pointing that out to us the testosterone might have lost its power in this dispute, but, well, it still is more like the truth than not, and ignoring the emotional charge, the bellicosity, you and John don’t seem to be as interested in the truth as you are your own biases. Beware. Try to heed. These are used by psychopaths to keep us from the kind of unity that will bring them down. It’s ancient. We still fall for it.

We have no one to blame but ourselves for our abjection in the face of this historic catastrophe. Excusing Obama, and all the rest of our murdering presidents, because they have not wanted their heads blown off... or their families killed... is about as filthy as all the scum capitulating to Zionist influence, AND all the Zionist psychopaths meddling... all the murderers themselves. You can’t do any of that and be a hero.

LBJ capitulated, forfeited hero status, took that route to victory, because he hated Jack and Bobby and he was determined to be president. To put it in Joe Roganese, he was gangster. He dominated. It was never about us. It was about him, Lyndon dominating, having more women by accident than the rest of the mere mortals did on purpose. No matter how much good he did, and he did, he was a perfidious monster in service to his narcissism. The best thing I can say for him is he appears to have come to understand the error of his ways and been man enough to call it quits before he strictly had to.

That’s being generous. It was probably more just that he could not stand being owned by the psychopaths who used his blind rage, not so he could be top dog, but so THEY could. His balls were being twisted relentlessly through every minute of his tenure as president because he couldn’t see through his rage, because he’d kill behind it. Right here is why debating doesn’t yield truth. It’s about whose balls get twisted off and whose don’t, whose weaknesses are used to make them lose, even when they “win”.

I’m trying to say that it doesn’t matter as much that there may have been all kinds of Zionism involved, or that LBJ went on to do some good things for us little guys, the truth, part of which is that LHO was innocent and LBJ was not, needs out once and for all, and we have to take the power that made, and makes, it possible to assassinate America away... from EVERYONE... before the psychopaths go another step.

I’ve been screaming this for the past numberless steps and no one has listened yet.
I was trying to be brief.