reminder for phil

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Phil, I can't stop you from getting your stupid, irksome, drunk eyeprints all over my blog, nor even stop you from doing your hacker's tricks to comment in stealth mode, but you will pardon me if I begin to find your protestations about the VA gonna label you a terrorist pretty ironic. You are a terrorist! Stalking is terrorism. Get that straight.

You are not welcome on my blog or in my life. I don't care what you think or feel. You are responsible for you and threatening me and stalking me is not any kind of way to help make people think you are the victim who can't get help. You're full of shit... and booze.


Everyone else, sorry, he popped up again last night after I went to bed and so I couldn't mark his comment as spam until I was back here at my post. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Phil is a guy who has so much difficulty expressing himself clearly that he tends to hallucinate that people know what he's talking about... often insists we do. I "met" him when I was a moderator yonder, where he frequently made comments about his intense levels of physical pain that he had NO way of getting addressed by medical professionals, and threatened suicide well enough to scare people pretty badly... regularly... often even. I made the mistake of trying to be his friend. I pointed out that he was a vet and could go to the VA for help. Even if it is a total drag, that option was open to him.

Over the years he made excuse after excuse after excuse why he couldn't do that... and most of them not clearly enough articulated to make much sense... which turned into fairly regular reminders of how he was right not to go there because of X, Y or Z, and I kept insisting that not even the entire alphabet was a good enough reason if he was in enough pain to even mention suicide, let alone scare the snot out of people with the threat of it so regularly.

At some point he had a bad meltdown and began hallucinating that I had betrayed him by even talking about it, when he was the one talking about it. It turned out, I think, that he'd decided to be a brand new Phil on the internet, erase his history as a suicide threatener, but failed to notify me of this change in his online status. He went postal on me for no discernible reason, closed all his email accounts and his website, leaving me with no alternative other than meat space contact to try to get straight with him, but I no longer even wanted to get straight with him. It was too much work and he never stays reasonable. The second he's got too much booze in him, anything resembling reasonable in his head evaporates. So he said he was gone, and I was glad. But of course he wasn't gone and I had to start helping him be gone. This resulted in him becoming a homicide threatener... via the means of one shot email address... never any way to come back at him privately online. So I do it publicly online.