terence telling you how you are programmed

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I made the mistake of going back to jackass Jan Irvin's piece about Terence McKenna supposedly admitting he was a government agent. I must have a masochistic streak, because I had been suffering from a meltdown over the fucking bullshit "sign out" button put where the subconscious says it's a "publish" button on the muthur fracking comment form on my own goddam blog for, like, the tenth time... when... when I had just produced a masterpiece response to one of BB2's comments that was many paragraphs long. If you don't know already, this makes the comment evaporate forever and adds the insult of making you sign back in again to go postal over it.

This would have been quite enough for one day, but I did it again sometime later on the same thread! I have to be careful now because if anyone ever blows up googlesville they may immediately decide to make me the patsy. But, anyway, I was molten about this, and the general state of the world, as usual, and so maybe I was just cranky enough for to go looking for trouble. I wanted to scan the comments on that jackass piece. I did. A bunch of people have made the herculean effort to convince that outright maniac of his error. He came back at every last one of them with his sack of cement stock responses, and so I began to suffer from sympathy frustration pains for these poor people.

I note that there is a chance his jackass echo chamber, Jay Weidner, may have shut up, but am not certain about that. I certainly have heard no apology from his neck of the woods, and one is due. It could be argued that Smirvin has but a few twits hanging on his words, but Weidner, while definitely not the biggest draw on the tubes, has a wider audience and Jeff Rense gave him an even wider one. So an apology is due.

And, maybe I seem fickle to you when I start ripping people I started to admire off my blog, but when I catch them letting their mouths, or keyboards, off without regard for the welfare of all sentient beings, I tend to think it is better to stop helping them, and to keep helping you instead, because I know a lot of them have these slick little virtuous impostures down pat and if you're not on it, they're likely to make your life harder.


Well, I should add this masterpiece here as well, because it completely applies to what Terence was just talking about and because Alan Watts is another bodhisattva Blirvin insists was a government plant. I wish I could think of the perfect arrangement of perfect words to get through to Yawn that he is not only deluded about the Trivium, but deluded by it as well. He doesn't seem to realize that using that template has locked him inside his own psychopathy, convinced him of its probity... just like government agents.