when i start eating again

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I am going to try go even more paleo. You may recall I lost 45 pounds some years ago. Well, 30 of them have sloooowly inched back on. It was looking good there for a while when I stopped eating grain. But, no, despite that nice block of weight loss, it's still creeping up. I won't have it. I am doing this fast because it promises to help get hormone clearance back happening and it could save me from having to go stick a gun in my doctor's ear to get this handled.

I'm not enjoying this fast much, but it's not nearly as awful as I had thought it would be. If I'd gone this long without eating any other day I would be the most wretched mess right now, you wouldn't believe it. It's been almost 24 hours since I've had any food and I'm not quaky and sweaty and dizzy and in a general state of severe discomfort and confusion, which is the drill, the thing that has made me gape in disbelief whenever people start bragging about their fasting.

I have gotten up to go to the kitchen for something to eat only about three times, realizing before I even get to the fridge what I'm doing, turning around and heading back for my jar of lemony tea-like shit. I was missing my "morning" coffee pretty badly for the first few hours, but I'm getting over it.

I put Flux on my machine, and the sun just went down. My screen has gone all rosy. I can see I'm gonna have to countermand this sucker when I need to work on images, but, still, maybe it will be a help. I'm going to give it a fair trail.


No, wait. I did take a little aspirin a couple hours ago, and I have been burping a lot. I almost never burp. I'm amazingly ungassy most of the time. But I'm burping. I decided on the aspirin because I was feeling some pain in my forehead, but that might not have been going to last. I just don't want my day to be any more of a drag than it has to be.

I had to turn the heater on for a few minutes twice today, but that's because it dropped below 58°, which was my cutoff point for my power usage misertude last year, so I don't think that's part of not eating.

Gotta try to stay comprehensive here.

But, seriously, this is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, and I didn't think it was going to be that bad to begin with.