you can't blame anyone else for the kind of world you're in

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You might wake up someday and discover that you are God. But don't let it go to your head. It has to be authentic. You have to actually realize you are not identifying with yourself the way you ever did. You have to realize you're who you actually are. God is one word for it. Universe. All. Infinity.

Until that happens, and 99.99% of us have to work hard to make that happen, so riddled with mistaken conceptions conditioned into us are we, until that happens you are only stuck in a hell of hierarchy and polemic, stuck where you are unable to establish truth more firmly than in a relative sense, a whole life of stultifying relativism boring holes in your skeleton to the point where you stop having any vitality for the project of freedom.

If you can't understand the true egalitarianism of reality, you can't do anything but be part of the herd, imagining you are superior or inferior or talented or dull or a genius or a leader or a loser. The entire purpose of you is to be You.