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OMFG... I suppose I should be grateful they're mentioning vortices, but, still, I think I'm going to die of a stroke in a minute. I could see it if this came from a jungle scientist in a tribe that has had minimal outside contact. Some smartass anthropologist left his teapot behind and the elders set their best man on the job of figuring it out, but, actually... maybe... probably not even then.

Do you mean to tell me that some jackass is earning a doctoral degree for this crap?

I am trying to calm down by considering the source, a tabloid that gets so much wrong, purposely and accidentally and just plain negligently, that I am thinking it's best to attribute it to that, and just not look to see if it's true. I am a truth junkie, but, well, there's just no sense in such a pursuit. If it's actually true, I'll pop. If it's bullshit, I'll be pissed about my wasted time. And it so isn't even consequential enough to have to risk the lose/lose of the effort.