even as we begin to question henrik's motives

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And even though his guest is not the brightest in the constellation of people we might hear from, it is time to really, really, really start checking our defaults. Even though I have been watching us belching out more and more pollution over the course of my life, and wondered aloud many times how our planet could take this and stay healthy, and I'm positive human activity is adding to the planet's difficulties, I gotta remind everyone that this anthropogenic global warming or climate change, or whatever terminology is currently most correct, is not something we can trust governments to even ameliorate, let alone cure... if you are of a mind to suppose we could even do it under any circumstances... and, actually, I am.

I think the psychopaths will fix it all after enough of us are dead, but you probably don't know that is doable unless you have been following and listening to all of my links for years and you've already trained yourself not to let your knee jerk up past your ears when you hear something that diverges from what you have been taught.

Some of you may recall that at my last blog I gave birth to several herds of cows when I read the methodology for determining historic carbon levels through core samples from ancient trees. No, I'm not a forester, but, yes, I know a fuck of a lot more about the ancient forests than most scientists do, and I still have difficulty believing I did not die of shock when I read that stuff. If all the "science" in this big bullshit climate thing ninety-plus percent of scientists supposedly agree upon is anything like that, we are so fucked. That's flat. You don't have to believe me, but you're making a mistake if you don't. There is, however, one point I feel is very useful for people who are honestly trying to parse this polemic.

I cannot get past this one fact.

Neither can you.

Add to this that they are dumping horrific loads of toxins on us and the forests are at least as sick from it as we are. Add to it that the microwaves are flying faster and harder every single day, with no end in sight, and no place on the planet to get away from them. Add to it that what possible but highly improbable lowering of emissions might come from cap and trade would be amended to death before it ever approached anything like minor effectiveness. Add to this that the corrupt bastards are out of your blood to suck and are now, clearly, headed for your marrow. And you just mother fucking have to learn right now to stop being led by your conditioned notions of environmentalism.

Even if you can't fathom yourself getting hold of the private physics technology needed to actually do the job, you have to realize that you cannot leave them in charge of it using public physics and/or their bureaucratic mindfucks. Seriously. If we want a clean environment we have to clean it up ourselves.