i could've used this last week

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When I was hassling with that lummox about why a healthy salmon population is more important than a dam, and why people need to force their energy costs to lower before they risk losing these fish. They act like cost increases are impossible to fight, but responsible conservationism is a comparative piece of cake to obliterate. A huge part of this utterly ridiculous mindset is the siege mentality almost bred into ranchers and farmers by decades of enviro circus clowns preferring to come in and call them ugly names and shit all over their livelihoods than to get with them and work out solutions where everyone can deal with it. Fucking progressive-fascists, one of whom may even have been the videographer here for all I know, never pass up an opportunity to show themselves as virtuous... at anyone else's expense... at even the planet's expense... when, in general, the anti-enviro people are radically more environmentally concerned than the idiots who come in to dis them for living at all.