i'm trying to talk images with bb2

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And I think I may be giving him a headache with my usual disregard for technical terms. I don't really mean what's blurry and what's sharp in the usual Photography 101 sense. I mean eyeballs. I mean everything in focus to whatever extent and then getting outrageous with contrast and messing with the perceived height of the image from the field. I mean helping people's eyeballs feel more like they're looking out the window than looking at something hung on the wall.

Back in extreme antiquity, when I owned Sausalito with my friend Ann, her father being a professional photographer and she herself aspiring, she used to vex me by kicking out gorgeous shots she said were over exposed. I insisted they were not, could be no such thing if they were pleasing to to the eye, if the so-called "over exposed" images were better than the ones that were "just right". We never settled it. I was talking art and she was talking journalism.

Still, if you look out your window on a sunny day, lots of what you see is....

Can I hear you say it?


It's over exposed.


Oh... well... I'm paranoid... or something. He just emailed me to say he knew what I meant. Good! This means he's not Ann! LOL